جامعة شندي_8130201

جامعة شندي جامعة حكومية تأسست في العام ١٩٩٤، في مدينة شندي، تضم حالياً مايفوق ١٤ كلية ومستشفى جامعي و ٥ مراكز بحثية إضافة إلى ٣ مراكز بحثية طبية يدرس بها حالياً ما يقارب 11000 طالب وطالبة بجميع البرامج الدراسية وتوفر برامج للتعليم عن بعد ووالانتساب

Jahysika Editor_8130202

Editor images and making them beautiful

Business Messenger_8130204

This App Develop after Research What is Missing between other messenger And how could Our Customer Gate friendly User Interface


The cloud platform where musicians and fans create music, collaborate and engage with each other across the globe.


Take pictures and start editing colors like a professional - Taking pictures with a Great camera in BeInColor - Good filters to start your editing - Top options in ENHANCE to Digital editing in your pictures - Transform images - all stickers you need - texte writing

Telecharger youtube_8130212

Télécharger des vidéos Youtube en mp4 ou convertissez une vidéo youtube en mp3 sans installer de logiciels ou de scripts grâce à notre convertisseur youtube

Youtube KDP_8130213

Thanks for visiting the official site of AryaGallery. This platform offers a unique journey through entertaining and engaging video content and articles, which is always growing and changing. Start browsing through the collection of videos and articles now!

Escola Estadual_8130216

Aplicativo de troca de mensagens exclusivo da Escola Estadual Comendador Nascimento Nunes Leal de Resplendor-MG. Criador: Lucas Alic

Coding Comic Pi_8130221

Would you like to learn how to code, using a new, easy and fun way of learning? This comic book shows you how to start Coding, with Scratch, on your Raspberry Pi. (Raspberry Pi is the budget computer used in schools). It is from the Laugh and Learn comic, 'Comic for Raspberry Pi', which also teaches you how to connect it, and how to code in Python. When you have swiped to read the comic, you can play a game, that shows you what you have learnt. This replaces the picture puzzles and jokes in the 'Comic for Raspberry Pi' comic. •The comic makes Coding so easy that even a child could understand it, but it is suitable for everyone, including pupils, students, teachers and the busy. If you do not speak English well, it teaches by pictures. It ideal for ages 8-15 years and younger, who would find the books on the subject hard to read. •Learn all about the exciting new school subject of Coding. It covers the Raspberry Pi, one of the main computers of IoT (Internet of Things). •You learn by cartoons with speech bubbles. •Topics from Computing in the National Curriculum are included. •It is written by a team led by a published author of many Paperback Books (all educational), such as the bestselling Brainteasers range of books, that also teaches you to program (code).


Comida no trabalho. sem trabalho.

impres auto_8130231

Tools auto impres cara mudah buat nuyul admob,

Messenger 2019_8130232

Explore the new Lookapp and everything it can offer you! We have started with the best messaging features and we offer privacy features to give you more control. We have provided you with high quality voice calls. We have added thousands of stickers to make your Chat more beautiful. Lookapp works to secure your data without leaving any trace with emphasis on speed and security. Works super fast, simple, safe and free, works seamlessly across all your devices, and can be used on tablets and smartphones. Can send video clips up to 1GB. Can send unlimited number of messages, photos, videos and files of any kind (Doc, Zip, PDF, APK). Can create chat groups with up to 5,000 members. You can store everything you share in the cloud - for free. Can create channels to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. We've built Plus to make a fast and secure exchange, with your friends. Plus protects your privacy and does not allow anyone or organization to access your data at all. Features: ✔️ Create supervisors discerning groups to the 5000 member ✔️ Low drafts (so you can finish the message later) ✔️ Number High quality calls are free ✔️ Send video clips up to 1GB ✔️ Create New Theme and edit ✔️ Add many Masks, text to your pictures ✔️ Bot Search Pic, Gif, Video ✔️ Amazing Stickers, Emoji Library ✔️ Delete or edit messages after sending ✔️ Search and send GIF files with auto play ✔️ Sharing is now easier and faster ✔️ Number voice messages while chatting Lookapp Messenger It uses API Telegram

Crome PLUS_8130240

This is very nice application

YouTube KDP_8130242

Thanks for visiting the official site of AryaGallery. This platform offers a unique journey through entertaining and engaging video content and articles, which is always growing and changing. Start browsing through the collection of videos and articles now!


Sell and buy goods with cryptocurrencies. No financial borders, extra fees and fake reviews anymore.

Honey Flavor_8130247

O Honey Flavor é o local certo para você que deseja conhecer mais sobre produtos eróticos e experimentar sensações novas no sexo, explorando ainda mais as zonas de prazer! Curta intensamente os momentos de conquista e sedução.


Fighter is a game of the fittest. You fight to kill all your enemies randomly. The more you kill, the more you win. It's the fight of the bold and smart. Reveal your inner strength with fighter. You need to win? then fight. A very interesting game. Special features of fighter - Incredible quality visual experience - Simple but very addictive game play -You don't need any special features to embark on the finals -The story lines are superb - Totally free and no much demanding features -Kill enemies and survive to play game -Realistic Fighter animation and awesome eye catching environment and clear sound. Download "Fighter " completely free from play store and engage in a real entertaining fight. Remember, the winner gets the tournament.Be smart, never give up till you win. If you like our game please rate us. Your ratings inspires us and help us get more insights and encourages us to render more useful and more entertaining games services. Best of luck playing the incredible fighting game. Be the winner. Love it! Enjoy it!


Es un sistema de mensajería instantánea para chatear con amigos, familiares y todo aquel que se encuentre en nuestra lista de contactos telefónicos de nuestro móvil y que tenga también instalada la aplicación que se puede descargar en Android.

Sauki Books_8130253

Sauki books ya tanadar muku littafafai dazasu nishadantar, fadakar, sannan ya ilimantar daku

tips praktis kenali peralatan hidroponik sederhana_8130254

Simple hydroponic equipment is needed to grow hydroponic plants especially for thin pockets. The price of this simple hydroponic equipment is also quite cheap. As we know that hydoponic planting is a cultivation of plants by utilizing nutrient-rich water without using soil. The simple hydroponic equipment needed is also very easy to get.

Indian Railway_8130257

Please help Indian railways and government of India in moving towards a digitized and cashless economy. Eradicate black money. Services Mobile Ticketing Services Registration of Train/Coach on Full Tariff Rate(FTR) Availability at Major Stations Reserved Train Schedule National Train Enquiry System SMS Service Train Berth Availability

Kiso khelo_8130260

This app was very useful for children the childern Play and learn


OXFORD Student app information system.

علییییی حکررررر_8130268

این برنامه توسط علی حکر ساخته شده اسا


Pemuda Ancol Selatan RT 17 RW 01 Jakut.

Mohamed Amish_8130272

mohamedamishvvvgvbbvvvvvvvjjgvnkkjgfdzzxcvvvvvvvbbvggfcxxxcccc bbhgfxxxcccvvggvvggggggggggggydvjjufvbkkiyfvbkougcvnjjjgcvvbnjjjhgvvbnnjhvvbbnjmohameeamishbguggygggggggggggghibcknvkjkvgjbgijggyihhggfdfycxffvvvjjvcfggggggggvmohameeamishbguggygggggggggggghibcknvkjkvgjbgijggyihhggfdfycxffvvvjjvcfggggggggv

AORL MUSIC_8130273

esta app esta básicamente echa para guardar momentos divertidos con amigos y familia

علییییی حکررررر_8130276

این برنامه توسط علس حکر ساخته شده است


مع التقدم العلمى والتكنولوجى وغزو الكمبيوتر والهواتف الذكيه والانترنت المنازل فاصبح موجودين فى كل منزل فظهرت ما تسمى بالالعاب الالكترونيه ولهذه الالعاب سلاح ذو حدين اى ان لها فوائد كثيره ولها ضرر ايضا وقاموا المتخصصين فى مجال الالعاب الالكترونيه بتصنيف هذه الالعاب الى 3انواع حسب هدف اللعبه وعمر مستخدميها الى العاب ذكاء والعاب اثاره ومتعه والالعاب التعليميه ولقد احتلت الالعاب الالكترونيه محل اللعب بحركه الطفل او بلعب بالعاب مجسمه وهذا يتطلب اهتمام من قبل الام بطفلها اثناء اللعب ولكن الالعاب الالكترونيه تمكنك من ترك طفلك يلعب بامان تام والالعاب الالكترونيه تعرف بانها الانشطه التى لها قواعد ثابته وهذه الالعاب يمكن لعبها اون لاين على الانترنت او تحميلها على اجهزه الكمبيوتر او هواتف المحمول او لعبها على التلفزيون واشهر هذه الالعاب الالكترونيه هى العاب الفيديو والطائرات والسيارات ذات التحكم عن بعد

Volunteer Me_8130283

This app is to help kids find volunteer opportunities in the users area and send their volunteer information to the child’s school.

Selfie editor best camera_8130286

The best camera aps new features in this apps

Marti Digital_8130291

Venha compra seu Celular Computador Notebook e muito mais com segurança, venha conhecer, Marti Digital foi Feito para facilitar a sua compra na loja Virtual, muito seguro e pratico, são diverso produtos para você escolher.

EDIT Photo Studio_8130297

Edit your photos and selfies in minutes, shoot, edit, save and then share with all your friends.

MSM Mensagens_8130298


Chemistry Table Instruções do tabuleiro_8130299

Esse app mostra as instruções do jogo de tabuleiro (trabalho quimica) para que o jogo possa ser compreendido

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