MS HDplayer_7851805

you can play and enjoy high quality video and audio using MS HDplayer. MS HDplayer supports all types of VIDEO FORMAT e.g:FLV,MP4,AVI , WMV , RMVB , MKV , 3GP , M4V , MOV , TS , MPG , etc. and AUDIO FORMAT like,MP3,AAC,WAV,MPEG-1,WMA etc. It is one of the best combined audio and video player in the android market.It comes with all new features. VIDEO PLAYING GUIDE: 1: Install MS HDplayer from Google play store. 2:Allow this apps PRIVACY NOTICE. 3: Allow MS HDplayer to access this device location. 4: Allow MS HDplayer to access photos and media files in your device. 5:Then you select the option scan device for media content. After that your you will be able to watch video and can enjoy your audio songs. 6:Select your video from the menu by clicking three dotted lines appears right to the video. 7: You will find option like:Play,Play from start,Append etc. 8:as soon as you click on Append your video will appears on screen. 9:During playing video from a folder which contains more than 2 videos,you click on the screen and go to top right corner of the screen and click on 3 dotted lines.After clicking you will be able to see the video title. 10:From that menu you can choose any video you want to play. FEATURES : 1: Video lock and unlock mode during playing video. 2:Fast forward and backward by scrolling your finger. 3:Brightness and sound adjustment. 4: Video playback resume from last position. 5: Video playback speed control. 6: sleep mode and audio delay mode. 7:Jump to time mode,night mode and quick mute. 8:sound equalizer mode 9:File sorting by name(desc),by file name,by date,by length etc. 10:Powerful Music player with Equalizer. 11:Fastest scanning of all video and audio files. 12: Multi-select video files and play, share or delete Thank you. For any question,contact us on

Future mekar_7851814

Future maker एक नेटवर मारकीटीक',कंपनि हे ओर लाखो लोगों को रोजगा देने का fjhvhhvhnvcvgfughhnfgjvccyyhggghhhhyyhggyuuuutygghhhggguhgghjj jhijuhhhuuhhhhhgghhhhhgiijhhjjg uuiigfyiiuuyyhyyhhhhhhhhh

18 साल के है तो अभी पढलो वरना जब होग फिर प्यार क्या हो

adat dan sejarah kadazan_7851818

For people to know the customs and history of kadazan

Розыгрыш скинов_7851819

Рулетка КС ГО с маленькой ставкой от 1 рубля для новичков. Честная рулетка, низкая комиссия, маленький депозит от 1 рубля


Nigerian online store where users can post Ad

Uç Uç Zıpla_7851825

Duvarların arasından zıplayarak geçmek

Music box_7851827

Melhor reprodutor de áudio e vídeo

C mobile_7851829

ക്ഷമിക്കണം ഒന്ന് പിടിച്ചു നോക്കിയതാ ഇതിൻറെ version വരുന്നുണ്ട് അതുവരെ കാത്തു നിൽക്കുക

BasSTOP Massenger_7851830

مرحبا بكم في تطبيق مراسلة الخاص ب البوتيوبر باسستوب

MAKE JOKE of_7851831

Download MJO app for LATEST mJO video ..

Curso Bolo Vulcão_7851832

Você vai Aprender Definitivamente tudo sobre Fabricação, Conservação, Embalagem e Venda de Bolos Vulcão Perfeitos. São muitas Receitas (Que Mais Vendem) que irá fazer de Você uma Profissional, começando ainda hoje.

RUN PA RUN_7851836

This app is developed for small entertainment. Enjoy it.

Uç Uç Zıpla_7851837

Duvarların arasından zıplayarak geçmek

photo editor_7851838

1.easy to edit photo for all 2.faster 3. Edit & Enhance your every picture - simply fast and secured features - user friendly and one touch SHARE to social network. - Experience the NEW cool colorful features like. -Filters -Stickers -Favorite folder -customized theme -standardized mode - Enhance : Bright, contrast, Hue and more. -get colorful features like

I am the bitch_7851839

You are what you are, but i am the bitch.

Türk Usulü Şişe Çevirme Oyunu_7851840

Değişik cezalarıyla şişe çevirme oyunu

spce lhama acre beta_7851844

lhama que sai do Acre para o espaçespaço em busca de poder.

DSLR Photography_7851845

Choose the best DSLR camera under budget

Editor abok_7851848

Kamera inih husus bagi pemula editor ytbr


Here are a few wallpapers from Thor Raknorok and Pokemons.

tigy masenger_7851850

Help this app is messenger app this is Soo good for all Android users so plz use this app

Mero Facebook_7851853

This is the copy of Facebook just to make Your Browsing Faster and easier.

My converter_7851860

This helps you to convert anything as you want.

PicsAll Photo Studio_7851861

PicsAll photo Studio photo editing background change symbol sticker image filter crosscut editing photo Simba crossword image changes maximum photo editing Aadhar photocopy background change Ananya ........

you star2_7851862

the aaps useful jisse video calling chhetting joks tips

latest browser_7851867

This Browser fast download app game music videos download this browser app no nice Browser the browser very fast download ww dot w dot

Fishing game_7851868

This is mlfising game. Mist grafi anyone can free download this game and enjoy. Please all peole play this fishing game ans enojy. The hook and samll fish and big fish ar very intersing. Pleaee all people download this game and help me.

Bollywood and Hollywood new movies_7851869

You can watch now movies on Mobile TV

Google camera_7851872

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

شركة توكسن_7851875

اتواصل معا مشرفين وموزعين شركة توكسن في حالت عدم انضباط الموزعين في العمل اوشكاوي من منتجنا واكم جزيل اشكرادارت مبيعات منتجات توكسن

2019 PHOTO EDITOR_7851877

VERY USEFUL APP BETTER IN USER'S guide to the FUNNY SONG I KNOW THAT I AM FELLING SO BAD I am not sure if you have any questions or need any further information please contact me at the FUNNY SONG I am not sure if you have any questions or need any further information please contact me at the FUNNY SONG I am not sure if you have any questions or need


Poste suas fotos e fique famosinho


2daynews is nigerian news website.


This is one of the best music players which includes best English music/lyrics. also, this app includes the best ever music which helps to avoid loneliness. and it includes most heart touching music.


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Ped Life_7851895

Ped Life lets you keep track of all your daily activities and guide you on your fitness journey.


I Have My Freedom, but I dont have much time

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