This app will help you how to program with c++ ,c and java. It is very easy to use. You can learn c++ with best source codes. c++ is basic langugae of programming. c++ is an object oriented program which include basic arthimatics,statements,loops,classes,functions,inheritance,polymorphism etc. c++ is advance then c language . java is high demanded language tody. java is high lavel language and its syntex is lass different than c++.

Traditional south indian dessert and sweets_6125806

Traditional south indian dessert and sweets

Kafalardan Kaçıs_6125808

Hepinize selam Ben ömer bugün sizlere oyun yaptım oyunumuzun adı Kafalardan Kaçıs oyunumuzun amacı Kafalardan kaçmak CAN'ları toplayarak canınızı yükselte bilirsiniz eğer kafalardan geçerseniz canınız azalır 've ölürsünüz iyi Kaçışlar Yapımcı: Ömer YAVUZ Geliştiriciler: Kemal YAVUZ, EMIR Özkoyuncu

AB The Fastest Browser_6125809

Best Secure and Most Powerfull Browser with Easy and Simple interface. AB Browser is a lightweight mobile browser which provides you a fast and secure surfing experience. Freely download AB Browser The fastest Browser; try the best experience of android browser. It designed for both Android phone and tablet. AB Browser gives you the power to take back control of your Web experience. Open as many tabs as you like without losing track of your open Web pages. FEATURES ✓ Simple and elegant UI Design ✓ Bookmarks Import & Export ✓News Feed ✓ Multi-Tabs Manage ✓Pre added Websites ✓Videos for Tech Fans Created By Ansuman Contact-

SimChat App_6125810



Второе тестовое приложение дискового сайта для Андройд.



iycs 2018_6125819

This app is created in India , Karnataka , Bangalore . This app is having many places . This app is created by Rakshith . Nagesh. This app is created on 7th of december.


FastLine Broadband Services for Wired & Wireless Network. High Speed and Affordable Internet Service Provider in Kothagudem, Telangana, India.


Realizada por Alejandro G. Villalona

Bharat browser_6125827

It is a very good app for main purpose is easy download and very fast download And this app is made by Indian human So I want to say that you can also one time download and get a real satisfaction.


POEMS This Application has twenty poems written by Mr Nyambuya Oncemore James. Some of the poems were drawn from true stories from the life experiences of the Author. enjoy reading the poems and support the Author. God Bless!!

2048 sub game_6125842

Hi guys now I m creating a new game!


Третье пробное приложение дискового сайта.

Kafalardan Kaçıs_6125846

Selam Ben ömer bugün sizlere oyun yaptım oyunumuzun adı Kafalardan Kacıs oyunumuzun amacı Kafalardan kaçmak CAN'ları topladıģımızda canımız çoğalır eģer kafalardan geçerseniz canınız azalır 've ölürsünüz iyi Kaçışlar :) Yapımcı: ömer YAVUZ Geliştiriciler: KEMAL YAVUZ, EMIR Özkoyuncu


This will help you for fast browsing and this will help You to secure Your network.Download it fast it is amazing

Best video downloader_6125854

This app you can download easily and fast video

Koin Marketcap_6125857

Cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more


Приложения для Андроид и iOS, лучшая замена плей маркет и аппстор для ваших смартфонов. Скачать лучшие приложения для Android и iOS бесплатно и по прямым ссылкам!


2Captcha is a human-powered image and CAPTCHA recognition service. Use API to send your captcha to the CAPTCHA solvers. Earn with us.

Bast chrome_6125861

His best music fast browser and nice Browser


this is for student coerce E-commerce


Четвертое тестовое приложение дискового сайта.

Belajar Bahasa_6125869

Ini Ebook saya pa •Wildan Ahmad Kurnia


Entertainment, Sports, Football, MotoGP & Formula 1, Live Streaming Real & More Sports.

Alien sling shoot_6125877

adictive alien sling shoot for kids

Fake Call_6125878

Best tools to play practical jokes on your friends. Want to play jokes on your friends by a call or message from celebrities, such as president, super stars, or someone important? Want an incoming call to save you out of embarrassment or uncomfortable situations, such as a boring conversations or parties? Just download Fake Call and Message, you can edit fake call or message with whatever numbers and contacts as you wish. The fake call and fake message looks like real ones and it's hard for others to discern. Fake call & Fake SMS is completely free. Features: * Select fake call screen * Select fake call avatars from gallery * Customize caller name, caller number and ringtone * Set the type of fake message, such as inbox or outbox * Schedule fake call and fake message at any time * Schedule multiple fake call

Easy calculate_6125879

Nice calculate results in a few seconds


Realizada por Alejandro G. Villalona

Your Employee_6125882

This app Dewansh Water Suppliers

spinner new 2018_6125885

spinner new 2018 نقل! غزل! لعب! وجمع كل الململة المغازل! جديد رشة عمل الدوار!

Fastest Indian Browser_6125889

It works very fast to browse any music,movies,videos very fast

Facebook Mentions_6125890

Chúng tôi là đội ngũ facebook.


通道创建为球迷服务,提供音乐录影带 “K-POP” 我们没有在这个视频中的任何内容,而所有版权都属于其各自所有者。 This channel was created as a fan service to deliver music videos "K-POP" We do not own any content in this video and all copyright rights belong to their owners. Этот канал был создан в качестве службы вентилятора , чтобы доставить музыкальное видео "K-POP" Мы не имеют никакого содержания в этом видео , и все авторские права принадлежат их владельцам .


App oficial do canal HUEstation

Tablet Wise_6125894

Medicine Information for consumers and patients. Search our medicine database for comprehensive information on more than 100,000 medicines online.

catch the fish_6125896

It a game used for catching fish by a boat.It can also be called a adventure game as it includes catching of the fish


game yang saya buat ini permainan yang sangat seru dan menantang yaitu dengan sistem ini saya beri nama flappyRM

Technical Boss Telugu_6125900

Welcome to #Technical Boss. Subscribe This Channel For App, Software, Gadgets Review, Health Tips, Filmi News, Political News, Tips And Tricks. I'm not gonna write long description, If you want to know more about channel then watch my videos. I hope you can find some useful videos for yourself. Contact Me For Technical Support Or Sponsorship...

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