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Open Schoolbag
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We believe that Singapore has an established education system with its constant improvements in general education, the professional development of the teachers and the availability of learning resources. We see a range from academic resources like assessment books and guidebooks, enrichment books like encyclopedias and flash cards to education aids like memory retention games and mathematical building blocks, to name a few!

We are proud that education is taken with much importance here by parents, students, community and the nation! We want to do our part to enhance the education space by making available these resources at greater convenience and increasing ease of access. We hope to increase the reach of these resources to support educators, parents, and learners to build a more dynamic and vibrant education landscape. This is how OpenSchoolbag came about!

OpenSchoolbag wants you to learn beyond what you have in your schoolbag! Education materials should not be only available on shelves and racks of bookstores. It should be on your tablet, PC, laptop, anywhere, anytime you want it!