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Bidds Barn
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Previously known as Free Penny Auction we are a penny auction. How BiddBarn Works?

1. Buy Bids - Bids allow you to participate in the auction for a chance to win a nice deal. You’re can purchase bids in a variety of different pack sizes. The normal price per bid is .20 and with this price you can get a pack of 102 bids for 20.00 to get started. However, BiddBarn regularly offers bid sales where you can purchase them as cheaper prices.

2. Browse Auctions - All items sold on BiddBarn are digital gift cards that are received via email.

3. Start Bidding - All auctions start at $0.01. Each bid placed adds one penny to the final price of the item. Each bid restarts the timer to 10 seconds to allow a chance for someone else to place a bid.

4. Win & Save - When no more bids are placed, the last bidder wins the auction. The winner gets the item for the discounted price and handling is .15 per card. The auctions are very unpredictable and you never know when people will stop bidding and the auction will sell. It’s possible the auctions could last just a couple seconds, minutes, hours or even a couple days.

5. What Happens When You Don’t Win? - There can only be one winner in an auction. When you don’t win you can get all your bids back if you buy the item at the regular ‘Buy It Now’ price, listed in the auction.

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