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India Center (IC) is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organization, instituted with a vision of being a catalyst for stronger socio-economic ties between India & Japan along with their global partners for a secure future.

Inspired by Japan's Vitality & vigorous pursuits to develop the country into an international leader in economic activity & other fields, India Center believed in strong ties between India & Japan to the benefit of both countries and rest of the world.

It was founded in 1996 with an aim to help evolve thought processes and new Alternative Development Model Frameworks of Socio-Economic relevance for India. The new framework thus evolved will be Energy Efficient, Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable and will also contribute towards empowering societies across the globe. The IC works through the structured modality of Vision, Ideation, Evangelization, Incubation, Incorporation, Execution, Economy & Empowerment.

India Center believes partnership between India and Japan is not only of mutual national interests but will contribute to the sustainability of rest of the world. Working together, Collaborations and Partnerships are the essence of our initiatives. Innovative to the core, India Center actuates new ideas of global development with a firm belief that India, as a nation has enormous productive potential to accelerate not just its development, transformation quantum and pace of its nation building processes but also contribute positively to Asia and the world.

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