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Green Planet
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Welcome to Green Planet! Green Planet is all about green technologies and science. The motivation of Green Planet is to create a green and healthy planet utilizing green technologies and science as well as our awareness. Green Planet contains various types of topics categorized to Green Energy, Green Technology, Green Products, Green Finance, Green IT, Green Jobs, Green Nature and Health. It will be a great pleasure if Green Planet keeps contribution in your daily life.

Our planet has many significant contributions in our daily life. We are benefiting from our planet in various ways. Green nature is one of the great creations of our planet. For example, trees provide us oxygen, so that we can live. They also provide us fruit which contains various types of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. Vegetables are also a good source of vitamins, minerals and nutrition.These fruits and vegetables are essential for our health.They protect us from various types of diseases. Green forests protect us from many natural disasters. Green technologies and science are also very significant for us. We can generate power with the help of renewable energy resources like the ray of sun, force of air, water, biomass, internal heat of the earth and the tidal wave of the ocean. These technologies are called green technologies. Because, they do not pollute our environment during generating power. They contribute us to reduce the emission of carbon. They are very environmentally friendly technologies indeed.

Everyday, we are damaging the nature of our planet consciously or unconsciously. For example, we are cutting trees randomly for our daily livelihood. Cutting the huge amount of trees can create imbalance of our ecosystem which impacts on human being and animals. But, we are not creating a huge tree plantation as per our requirement. Moreover, we are creating environment pollution directly or indirectly in many ways. For example, air is polluted by emitting carbon from power stations, various types of industries and vehicles which typically use conventional fuel like oil and gas as energy resources. These activities are causing climate change and global warming, which is very horrendous for us and our planet. We are already suffering some terrible changes of the nature for these activities. If these things continue to happen then our planet will turn into a disaster situation in the future. Moreover, natural resources of our planet like oil, gas, coal etc. are very limited which will be finished in the near future. We can save these natural resources by minimizing our dependency on them and maximizing the use of renewable energy resources like sun, wind, water, biomass, geothermal and tidal wave of the ocean.

So, we are realizing that the overall control of protecting our planet is in our hands. We can easily destroy our nature, again we can protect and reconstruct it. If we can increase awareness among ourselves, we can easily protect our planet and create a Green Planet for our next generations.

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