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Thank you for checking out my app! My app is an informative and crucial way to stay in tune with breaking independent media and alternative topics rarely to never discussed through mass media. Mixed in with the news you will get to walk with me through my personal life of being a radio host on the quickly up and coming All Rights Matter Show.

My show, The ARM Show (#ARM), is in it's infancy stages, but with your support we will continue to grow as we build this ground breaking new media platform. No fee is necessary to enjoy our app.

My app and news coverage are sponsored by Your sign-up and support on helps to keep this platform free. The site is for folks who are looking to protect their family in times of emergency.

If you would like, and it's totally up to you, I can also show you how to make a substantial weekly income from simply sharing the information I just stated in the paragraph above. This is Community Helping Community. All the information you need is on

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• Latest Alternative Media Videos
• Critical Information Not Found Through Main Stream Media
• LIVE Streaming!
• Research You Can Trust
• Daily Blog Uploads To Help You Stay Connected To Issues That Really Matter
• Connection With An Army Veteran Who Truly Loves God, Family, and America.

Sincere is an activist, entrepreneur, consultant, and veteran in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"If you can achieve Matthew 25:34-46, you will have lived the best life that earth has to offer." ~Sincere
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