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SeenSMS is a web based mobile communication that allows you to send SMS/text messages using our platform to thousands of mobile phones at once and add value to you at pocket friendly rate.

SeenSMS makes it easy for you to manage your account from our Easy-to Use member menu. Store your Phone numbers on our phone book and no more worry about losing them on your system. Buy Sms, order phone numbers etc. We are the first to have this feature in Nigeria and that's why our customers say that our portal is user-friendly.

Enjoy unlimited FREE SMS when you join our VIP CLUB after you've created your account.


1.Register at by clicking on 'Create an account' button

2. login to the email account you registered with to activate your SMS account

3. login to your account with the username and password, get 2 FREE SMS UNITS to test our service

4. click on ''COMPOSE SMS''

6. Fill in your customized SENDER ID


8. Type in your message

(1) you can schedule message for future delivery.

(2) Only notepad file is compatible with the portal, always prepare your recipients phone numbers on a notepad, which you can either copy from the notepad and paste in the recipients box on the "COMPOSE SMS" page. Don't copy or upload from an Excel or an MS-word file.

(3) The acceptable phone format is either 234xxx or 080xxx. Numbers must be separated with commas or type each number on different line.
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