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STARSHIP Creation Platform
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STARSH!P: Creation Platform is a free arts, music, and creative lifestyles DIY website, chock-full of helpful solutions and resources in a multimedia e-zine format.

Our awesome app helps you finally realize your still-dormant dreams, to become more creative, or to become sharper, business-wise about your own creativity.

Whatever the case, you'll enjoy this well-spring of positive knowledge and wisdom to draw from, so that you may one day construct your own STARSH!P (vehicle of Purpose)!

• We showcase the best works of our STARSH!P artists, and of fellow artists beyond the pop radar.
• Amazing mixed media content to read, watch, listen to, and share.
• DIYs, tips, and tricks to learn how to do everything we know how to do (visual art, music, graphic design, management, leadership, etc.).
• Lifestyle hacks for young adulthood, parenting, entrepreneurship, Health, Spirit, etc.
• Seasonal e-zine issues, tying together all our various sections.
• Tons of FREE video, music and video game downloads.
• LIVE performance and booking opportunities available.
• LIVE streaming and EDM/BIZ/DIY cloudcasts available.


ANOM!LE, since 1997A.D.; STARSH!P, since 2010A.D.
M Jvlian Simmons, Founder/Creator/Chief Developer

ANOM!LE/STARSH!P (c) All rights reserved, 2014